TEACHING and fellowship

Watertown Christian Church offers Sunday morning worship for children and adults.  Teens get to experience youth group during the school year.  There are two small groups (one for adults and one for "twenty-something" or college-age adults).  This is an excellent way to get to know Jesus and His Word better.  

Besides teaching time, these groups also have plenty of opportunity for fun, food and fellowship.  Kayaking, bonfires, taco suppers, sledding parties, baked potato meals, board game evenings, and chili feeds are a few examples.


Each Sunday morning, an average of

70 people gather to praise our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Visitors appreciate our small church feel and the ease of getting to know others.  Our worship service includes a mix of contemporary Christian music as well as traditional hymns, all sung to recorded accompaniment tracks or with live musicians. 

If you are in need of an American Sign Language interpreter to help make the service more meaningful, let us know ahead of time.  Because our pastor's wife is  fluent in ASL, we can usually assist you in this way.

SERVing the body of christ

Watertown Christian Church provides many volunteer opportunities for serving the local congregation.  These include teaching classes, helping lead worship, cleaning the building, caring for babies in the nursery, greeting visitors, creating the bulletins, folding the bulletins, preparing communion trays,  handling the finances, directing the children's Christmas pageant, managing the church website, decorating the sanctuary,  sending greeting cards and floral arrangements on the church's behalf, painting rooms, lawn and flower care, running audiovisual equipment for worship,  leading games during youth group, keeping the church directory up to date, organizing work days, providing manual labor on work days, making food for fellowship dinners, doing dishes after fellowship dinners, recording minutes of the congregational annual meeting, keeping technical equipment running,  prayer list management, and maintaining the building (e.g., fixing plumbing and replacing light bulbs).  

We could probably even think of a few more yet.

There is a place for everyone's  talents at Watertown Christian Church!

serving the community

We also have members involved in many community outreach service projects.  These include roadside litter clean-up, moving people's household goods, tree trimming, lawn work, fence building, and snow removal--all in the name of Jesus, who set the ultimate example of servanthood.  Probably the most memorable of these service projects was cleaning up thousands of dead fish after a winter kill!   That is serving your Christian brother with a real servant's heart!  

We've also done a fireworks show with root beer floats for families to enjoy in September, and provided labor to help set up Winter Wonderland.  Our benevolence  ministry assists stranded travelers with lodging, gas, and/or food,  as well as providing rent or groceries for those truly in need within our community. 

There is a place for everyone's interests and abilities at

Watertown Christian Church!