International Disaster Emergency Services (I.D.E.S.)

Noblesville, Indiana                 

I.D.E.S. is a non-profit agency with five emphases:  medical relief, disaster relief, hunger relief, income development, and evangelism.  I.D.E.S. provides medicines for missionaries and medical equipment for mission clinics.  I.D.E.S. provides food, water treatment systems, and supplies after natural disasters around the world.  I.D.E.S. provides hunger relief to poor populations in various countries.  I.D.E.S. sponsors income development projects by giving people a hand up, not a handout--these include teaching different aspects of farming as well as trades such as brick making.  I.D.E.S. provides Bibles and related items for congregations living in poverty, MP3 players loaded with Scripture for native preachers, and motorcycles to evangelists who travel from village to village spreading the Gospel.  


Middletown, Rhode Island        

OceanPointe is a church plant that opened on April 6, 2014, to reach out to the least-churched area in the United States (New England).  Brady & Emily Gerdts are on staff there, and Brady is the grandson of one of WCC's longtime members.  


Fort Thompson, South Dakota  

The mission of Diamond Willow as a Christ-centered relief organization is to empower and develop healthy Christian youth, families, and leaders by meeting current spiritual, emotional, and physical needs within the Native American community.  The vision of DWM is to bring the freedom and peace found only in Jesus Christ to Native American individuals, becoming a source of light and an example to others, ultimately bringing this freedom and peace to the world beyond.  God has worked in wonderful ways to bring together a varied group of Lakota and Dakota Sioux, as well as non-Indians, to love people and share their unique talents on the Crow Creek Reservation.  



Santiago, Dominican Republic

Haitian Ministries was established in 2002 in order to support Haitian congregations in the Dominican Republic.  Jean Paulite is a Haitian pastor who has passion and a vision to plant churches for Haitians who have moved to the Dominican Republic.  He and his wife have dedicated their lives to serving Christ through Haitian Ministries.  Because Haitians are a minority, even though over one million now reside in the country, there is a lack of stability due to their poverty and social unrest.  Haitian Ministries has helped many congregations and individuals, but they currently have five churches that have grown and become core churches in their areas.